HDI board HDI board

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product description:HDI board

Board thickness:1.6mm


Special Process:6 layer 2step blind hole board

HDI PCBs are described by high-density features comprising of laser micro-vias, high performance thin materials and fine lines. The better density allows extra functions per unit area. These types of multifaceted structures give the required routing resolution for large pin-count chips which are used in mobile devices and other high technology products.

The difference between HDI board and ordinary PCB

Ordinary PCB board is mainly FR-4, which is laminated with epoxy resin and electronic grade glass cloth. Generally, traditional HDI uses backed copper foil on the outer surface. Because laser drilling cannot penetrate the glass cloth, glass fiber-free backed copper foil is generally used. However, the current high-energy laser drilling machine can penetrate 1180 glass cloth. . There is no difference from ordinary materials in this way.


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