Xiaomi Bluetooth headset board Xiaomi Bluetooth headset board

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  • Product Description

Product name: Xiaomi Bluetooth headset

Material: six-layer RFPC

Feature: HDI

Surface treatment:: ENIG

rigid flex printed circuit board (PCB) is a hybrid circuit board design that integrates elements from both hardboard and flexible circuitsRigid flex PCBs are rigid at some points on the board and flexible at others. ... The flexible layers are buried internally and completely penetrate the rigid sections of the PCB.

Physical properties

Rigid-flex PCB differs from rigid boards or flexible boards in material, equipment and process. In terms of material, the material of rigid board is FR4 of PCB, and the material of flexible board is PI or PET. There are some problems between the two materials, such as joint, different shrinkage rate of hot pressing, etc. It is difficult for the stability of the product. Moreover, due to the characteristics of three-dimensional space configuration, besides the consideration of XY axis direction stress, Z axis direction stress bearing is also an important consideration. At present, material suppliers provide rigid-flex PCB manufacturers with improved materials suitable for rigid-flex board, such as epoxy or Resin, to meet the joint problem between PCB rigid board or flexible board. In terms of equipment, due to the difference of material characteristics and product specifications, the equipment of lamination and copper plating parts must be modified. The applicability of equipment will affect the yield and stability of products. Therefore, the applicability of equipment should be considered before entering the production of rigid-flex PCB.

Product Advantage

Comparing with general PCB, the advantages of rigid-flex PCB are as follows

  1. Three‐dimensional assembly

  2. Enables optimized packaging, can be bent or folded to fit into small device enclosures.

  3. Increase system reliability

  4. Improves reliability by eliminating separate boards, cables and connectors.

  5. Reduce assembly error

  6. Reduces the errors common in hand wired assemblies.

  7. Reduce packaging complexity

  8. Substantial weight & packaging size reduction is a benefit over wires an wire harnesses.

  9. Better signal transfer

  10. Minimal geometry changes to cause impedance discontinuities

  11. Reduce assembly cost

  12. Cost reduction in purchasing, logistics and assembling because of economisation of extra cables, connectors and soldering processes.

Structures of Rigid-flex PCB


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