What To Know About 2 Layer PCB

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One unique thing about the electronic project is that there are various types of PCBs you can choose from. Choosing an appropriate layer that is suitable for a particular project may seem daunting.


However, to get your work done with the right layer, you must know the most commonly used PCBs. 2 layers PCB is one of the most widely used layers in PCB construction. It is used for simple devices. Moreover, the two sides can be interconnected.


Knowing that 2 layer PCB is good for different projects, it is necessary to source from a reliable and experienced 2 layer PCB manufacturer who understands the system. With this, you are sure to get assistance in getting the work done.


Key Features Of 2 Layer PCB

To get it right in circuit design, the following features make this layer suitable for different projects.

Nature of Layer

The traces are two-sided with a top and a bottom layer. To simply put, it has more layers than 1 layer PCB and fewer layers than multilayer PCBs like 4 layer PCB and 6 layer PCB.


The layer is suitable for components and copper to be mounted on both sides of the circuit board. With this, the traces are able to cross over each other. Due to the ability to cross each other, the board has higher density without soldering it from point to point.


Better Option for Project

Using 2 layer PCB for a project is better than using 1 layer PCB. Though it may be more complex than 1 layer PCB and a little difficult to fabricate, it makes work better and more reliable. It has more surface area and suitable for the creation of electrical connections.

Flexible And Low Cost

Though this layer reduces the size of the circuit, it is flexible and makes PCB fabrication easy. There are two pads on the layers that allow electrical connection through the hole on the board.


Moreover, it is very flexible and affordable when compared with multilayer PCBs. The components are internally connected to ease the complication of the circuit design.


Applications of 2 layer PCB

Though there are numerous applications of this layer, some of them are:

· Converter

· Industrial Controls

· HVAC application

· UPS system

· Amplifier

· Phone

· Power monitoring system

· Industrial machinery

· Automotive

· Electronic devices


Contact Us For Quality 2 Layer PCB

The type of layer you use for your project is very important. While choosing the right layer for your project, contact a reliable 2 layer PCB manufacturer and other layers for your project.


It is necessary to use a quality 2 layer PCB for any circuit board fabrication you embark on. As a key player in the industry, we produce quality layers that are suitable for different applications.


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